50 Days of Immersive Web
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50 Days of Immersive Web

Ongoing three.js and shader experiments on the web.

50 days of immersive web is a personal challenge that attempts to explore different 3d and immersive technologies that runs in the web browser. This is an ongoing project - You can try the experiments yourself in the website.


Quantity over quality, consistency over intensity My new year's determination for 2021 was to get rid of perfectionism and fear. To keep acheiving this goal, I wanted to develop a good work routine that I could stick to. Also, I wanted to learn to keep carrying on to the next work even if my work was not satisfying enough, so that I could use the power of iteration and consistency.

Finding out what I'm more interested at

There are new technologies in the web everyday and I was having too much curiosity about different technologies. I decided to leverage this summer to have an opportunity to find out what I am good at and which technology I should dive deeper.

Failing fast and getting into a fast feedback loop

Once I started uploading my work to the Internet everyday I could feel that the experience was rewarding because I could get instant feedback. I decided to use this opportunity to get better everyday and learn from small-sized projects.